Two-wheeled Transport Could Be A Hit In 2017

Two-wheeled Transport Could Be A Hit In 2017

Olivier and Mann – A diverse set of items chosen to become 2017’s star performers in the Asian market ranges from motorbike taxis to food products from Japan.

In India, motorbike taxis are becoming more popular due to their manoeuvrability in heavy traffic supported by the increase in smartphone apps. Two-wheeler taxis have already made their presence felt in traffic-heavy countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, and these taxi services have been booming in India.

Commuters in Singapore have been using electric scooters and electric bicycles to travel to and from work and these vehicles are definitely eco-friendly but statistics showed an increasing number of accidents involving them.

Singapore will implement speed limits and other rules to cover two-wheeled vehicles early in 2017and are now allowing citizens take their e-vehicles on trains for a half year trial period.

In November the Japanese-owned FamilyMart UNY Holdings debuted in Malaysia under the guise of FamilyMart convenience store. In Thailand, Thais coming back after visiting Japan continue to crave for Japanese foodstuffs with locals even cultivating a breed of melon developed in Hokkaido that is intended for high-end markets. Aomori apples, sold by Aeon are now being sold by the Japanese retailer in Vietnam and are the preferred choice of upper and middle-class Vietnamese customers.

Virtual reality games will surely become a breakaway sensation in 2017 with arcades in China setting up machines since June. A unique type of goggles along with other special type of implements are used to enhance the experience of virtual reality gamers. Sony VR gaming consoles are poised to explode onto the Chinese market.

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics will release its Galaxy S8 Smartphone in 2017. The device eliminates the use of the home button and comes with artificial intelligence. Samsung is hoping that the handset will improve the image of the company following the battery problems with its Galaxy Note 7.