Practical Brexit Could Herald a New Dawn

Olivier and Mann - Practical Brexit Could Herald a New Dawn

Olivier and Mann – Former state secretary Henry Kissinger has suggested that finding a practical solution for Brexit may trigger Europe to restructure itself and subsequently enable the West to reformulate its position globally.

The result of the UK referendum could be used productively in such a way that it will not focus anymore on damage control but instead build a renewed relationship between the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world.

The Eurozone had trade and safety concerns that were hard to address in meetings which were based on absolute and total unanimity he added.

Europe could develop sub-committees on trade and security within its present set-up, which could make decisions with respect to those countries whose interests are primarily affected by matters under discussion and thereby do away with the need for all countries to agree on all matters on all subjects, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former U.S. Secretary of State suggested.

This would help to avoid the deadlock that can result due to the reluctance of all parties to agree.

The UK could be a guest and at the same time play an important role in these committees as a bridge connecting Europe to the U.S.

The necessity to provide a resolution so that European moral conviction can come to the fore in the way demonstrated during the formation of the alliance will also mirror the renewed sharing of power that has developed and address issues that were unimaginable when the Eurozone was formed.

The new United States President could provide motivation to forums like these if he retracts threats like U.S. withdrawal and then the Atlantic partnership might see a brand new era in which it can contribute to the structuring of the world for the future.